About Feny

Feny Bouza was born in Athens and studied Law. From 2006 to 2013 she attended intensive art courses and visited the most significant art exhibitions in both Europe and the United States. Her solo show debut was at Tsihritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, in Athens in October 2014. She has also presented her artistic work in various group exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in Greece, Cyprus, USA and many other countries in Europe. Feny selects a subject and she examines and repeats its persistently in order to reveal all its sides. By contemplating the series of Feny’s artworks we travel to various microcosms and we become viewers of colorful stories.The repetition of her subjects, her strong color palette and the clear surfaces of her paintings are some of the features that prove Feny’s influence from the pop art, and the ways of representation that this movement has established in art history.